Farm 2 Table Field Trips

Hello teachers!
Thank you for your interest in our Farm 2 Table field trips that take place inside the Agriculture Discover Center on the Fairgrounds.
The program is designed to educate students K-5th about agriculture and how food comes from the farm and ends up on their table. Each session offers three age-appropriate lessons to students keeping with the theme of the month. Learning is fostered through interactive crafts, games, and activities that will keep students engaged until the end!

Registration for Spring 2024 has ended. If you wish to be notified of future F2T registrations or other Agricultural Education opportunities, please fill out the form below to be added to our email list.

Ag Education Information

  • Educate the youth of Western New York about production agriculture and how their food reaches their table
  • Utilize the Fairgrounds and the facilities throughout the year
  • Fulfill the mission statement of the Erie County Agricultural Society
  • Establish relationships between the Fairgrounds and the surrounding communities sending a message that the Fairgrounds is a destination for education and entertainment.
  • Field Trip is designed to align with the New York State learning standards.
  • The Erie County Agricultural Society subsidizes the transportation costs of students brought to The Fairgrounds. The Erie County Agricultural Society also does not charge a fee to the students.
  • The students journey through 3 different hands-on lessons and “learn by doing” - walking away with something they create at each station.
  • Each student is also given one pass to visit the Erie County Fair while being reminded that kids 12 and younger get into the Fair free.

Spring 2024 Field Trips

The Sweet Side of Agriculture

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! Students will learn about maple syrup production, honeybees and fruit farming.

Dates: February 5th-9th, 12th-16th

Breakfast on the Farm

Eggs, bacon and toast anyone? Students will learn how the most important meal of the day relies on various parts of agriculture. In this unit, students will learn about poultry, swine and wheat.

Dates: February 26th-March 1st, March 4th-8th, 11th-12th

Ruminant or Not?

What is a ruminant? Do they really have four stomachs? What is a pseudo-ruminant? In this unit, students will learn about sheep, goats and llamas and what products they provide us with.

Dates: April 9th-12th, 15th-19th


May is National Beef Month so it's time to talk about everything beef cattle! From the life cycle to diet to by-products we utilize every part of the species.

Dates: May 6th-10th, 13th-17th

Pizza on the Farm

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. So where does it come from? The farm of course! In this unit, students will learn about wheat, dairy and plants that create the slice of deliciousness we all love!

Dates: June 4th-7th, 10th-11th

Farm 2 Table FAQS

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