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Empire Classic Open Hereford Rules and Regulations

Harvest Classic October 12-15

NY Hereford Breeders Association

It is a requirement that exhibitors becomes members of the New York Hereford Breeders Association in order to show in the Empire Classic Open Hereford Show.


Empire Classic Open Hereford Show Rules & Regs

Rules & Regulations

  1. Show starts with Jr. Showmanship, followed by Cow/Calf pairs, Heifers, Bulls, Steers and Group Classes.
  2. All cattle must be registered with the American Hereford Association. Pending status of animal registration is not acceptable. All exhibitors must be current, paid members of the NY Hereford Association. ($25 Juniors/ $50 Adults)
  3. Entry fee is $20 per class. Late fee additional $5 per entry after October 1st. No entry fees for group classes if received by entry deadline. Late additions to group classes will be charged $5 per entry and will be accepted until the start of the show.
  4. All animals must meet the health requirements of the Harvest Classic Show to be exhibited.
  5. Entries must be in place in accordance to Harvest Classic rules.
  6. Animals are not eligible unless they fit into one of the classes listed.
  7. Entries must provide a legible registration number for verification of breeder/owner and animal information. Photocopies of registration papers will not be required this year.
  8. Early entry deadline is October 1, 2023. Late entries will be accepted until October 12th with the additional $5 late fee (per class). Entries are nonrefundable.
  9. Classes are listed below. The show committee reserves the right to combine classes with fewer than 5 entries so as to not exceed an age span of 3 months and also to split large classes.
  10. Juniors may show Junior Yearling bulls at the discretion of the show committee. There will be NO bulls allowed in showmanship.
  11. The show committee reserves the right to inspect and reject any entry not in compliance.
  12. All AHA and IAFE show rules apply. Should an exhibitor be found in violation of any of these rules, they will be immediately disqualified and banned from exhibiting at the 2024 Classic Show. With the exception of painting, animals shall not be altered from their natural appearance to include but not be limited to the use of dyes, artificial hair, and pumping.
  13. Exhibitors shall NOT wear into the ring any item that carries their farm name or emblem.

Champion Heifer, Cow/Calf, Bull & Steer: $300
Reserve Champion Heifer, Cow/Calf, Bull & Steer: $150
Judge: Ryan Driskel

Empire Classic Hereford Classes


  1. Pee-Wee Ages 4 – 8
  2. Junior Ages 9 – 12
  3. Intermediate Ages 13 – 16
  4. Senior Ages 17 – 21
    *Age as of January 1, 2023


  1. 2 year old cow with 2023 natural calf at side.
  2. 3 year old cow with 2023 natural calf at side.
  3. Aged cow – 4 years old and older with 2023 natural calf at side.


  1. Junior Heifer Calf Born after 03/01/2023
  2. January/ February Calf Born 01/01-02/29/2023
  3. Senior Heifer Calf Born 08/01-12/31/2022
  4. Summer Yearling Heifer Born 05/01-07/31/2022
  5. Jr Yearling Heifer Born 03/01-04/30/2022
  6. January February Yearling Born 01/01-02/28/2022
  7. Senior Yearling Heifer Born 09/01-12/31/2021


  1. Junior Bull Calf Born after 03/01/2023
  2. January/ February Calf Born 01/01- 02/29/2023
  3. Senior Bull Calf Born 08/01-12/31/2022
  4. Summer Yearling Bull Born 05/01- 07/31/2022
  5. Junior Yearling Bull Born 03/01- 04/30/2022
  6. January/ February Yearling Born 01/01- 02/28/2022
  7. Senior Yearling Bull Born 09/01-12/31/2022
  8. Summer Senior Yearling Bull Born 05/01- 08/31/2021
  9. 2 Year Old Bull Born 01/01- 04/30/2021


  1. Feeder Steer
  2. Purebred Hereford Steer
  3. Crossbred Steer (at least one parent must be a registered Hereford)


  1. Pair of Calves – Either sex, born after 08/31/2022
  2. Two Bulls – Bred & Owned by exhibitor
  3. Produce of Dam – Two animals out of the same dam
  4. Two Get of Sire – Two animals, either sex, from one sire, bred and owned, and the sire owned by exhibitor
  5. Four Get of Sire – Four animals, either sex from one sire. Exhibitors may combine to form one entry.
  6. Empire Special – best 2 head bred & owned
  7. Best 6 Head – owned by one exhibitor

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