Win/Loss Statements

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Win/loss information has been gathered using our Player Tracking System.  It is intended to be used as an estimate of your win/loss and is provided as a courtesy and is not an official tax document. The information is based on our player-tracking data which includes only win/loss from VLT play when a player’s club card is inserted, and remains in a VLT machine during machine play. The statement will not accurately reflect the amount of a player’s total win/loss if the player does not play with a player’s card inserted into a VLT machine or the machine has not accurately registered the card. Although this information can be considered a reliable estimate of the win/loss from rated play, Hamburg Gaming is not responsible for the use or interpretation of this document.

In order for a Win/Loss Statement to be issued to you, the following form must be completed in full, signed by the guest making the request, and returned to the Lucky North Club booth.

Click Here to Download the Win/Loss Statement.