Winter Triathlon Challenge

Challenge Date: Saturday, December 8th
In the Event Center of The Fairgrounds

The specifics
You will proceed through 3 stations, testing your skills in this fun winter challenge!

• Station #1 Ornament Toss
Player stands 6 feet away from a box that has a tree on it with 4 holes to catch the ornament (balls). Player gets to throw each ball once. Total number of balls landing in tree will be recorded.

• Station #2 Candy Cane Fishing
A pile of 40 candy canes will be laying on the table, the player has 1 minute to “hook” and place into a bucket, as many candy canes as they can, using a candy cane placed in their mouth, while hands are clasped behind their back. The candy cane placed in their mouths is theirs to keep. The number of candy canes inside of the bucket by the end of 1 minute will be recorded.

• Station #3 Christmas Lights Un-Tangle
A string of lights will be tangled into a holiday nightmare. The player needs to completely untangle the entire string, but be careful, once string is untangled, player must plug in string of lights. For each broken bulb/bulb that does not light, 1 point will be deducted from score. Entire process will be timed: Scoring is as follows:

Under 1 minute: 5 points
1min- 1 min59sec: 4 points
2min- 2 min59sec: 3 points
3min- 3 min59sec: 2 points
4 min- 4min59sec: 1 point
5 minutes or more: 0 points


Winner is determined by adding up totals from each station. Player with highest number wins.
Station #1 Total of ornaments landing in tree.
Station #2 Total of candy canes placed in bucket.
Station #3 Total number of points per time.

In the event of a tie breaker, the first player to finish a Christmas word search wins.

Contest Rules

1.    All ages are welcome.
2.    Only good sportsman-like behavior will be permitted.
3.    Staff from the Fairgrounds Festival of Lights will be there to oversee and record scores.