Great Lakes International Ice Carving Competition



Included in Fairgrounds Festival of Lights Admission

Several international teams will travel to Hamburg to compete at the Festival of Lights for the only competition of its kind in the country; this is based on number of competitors, an indoor venue, and the tonnage of ice being used.  


Fun Fact:
This is one of the only competitions of its kind to use a single 3,000 pound block! Others have to stack multiple blocks together for the same effect.

 Each team will receive one 3,000 pound block of ice as well as six 300 pound blocks which have to be featured as a cohesive art piece. 

Carvers will have 32 hours to complete their designs beginning at 5:00pm on Friday, November 25. Final judging will take place on Sunday, November 27 at 8:00pm. 


Fun Fact: 32 hours is longer than most competitions- this was done to give the competitors and opportunity to take the time to add intricate details to their designs

This competition is hosted by The Ice Farm of Auburn, NY under the direction of the National Ice Carving Association. Judges adhered to the criteria set forth by the association to determine a winner. Pieces will were judged in 10 categories including level of difficulty, symmetry, craftsmanship and others.