Schedule, Rules, & Regulations

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Thursday April 12th

3:00PM          Animals may begin to arrive

Friday April 13th

3:00-9:00PM  Check-In Open
(Heifers must be checked in by 9pm)
6:00PM           Stock Show U Clinic

Saturday April 14th

8:00AM           Breeding Heifer Show
(Animals free to leave at the conclusion of their class)
1:00-2:00PM   Jr. Skill-a-thon

2:00PM           Jr. Showmanship Show
5:00PM           Exhibitor Dinner (tickets must be pre-purchased)
6:00PM           NY’s Best Hog & Lamb Sale- Barn #1
7:00-8:00PM   Check-In Open
  (All Animals must be checked in by 8pm)

Sunday April 15th

8:00AM            Market Animal Show
(Animals free to leave at the conclusion of their class)

 NEW in 2018- Dinner will be provided at $5.00 per person (there will not be a potluck)


  1. Show is open to all states plus Canada (open to exhibitors of all ages)
  2. Market heifers, crossbred heifers & steers will ALL be shown by weight.
  3. All cattle must be born between September 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017.
  4. Registration papers are required for all purebred cattle.
  5. IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics will apply.
  6. Cattle must be tied in designated barns.
  7. Dogs are allowed on the grounds but not permitted to be in the barns.
  8. Showmanship is a no fit show
  10. Cattle must be fit near barn area. No tents allowed in the barns. Classes will be broke based on the numbers and will be up to the discretion of the staff.
  11.  Breeds with at least 6 entries will have their own division otherwise will show in the AOB Division
  12. Heifers may be cross entered into the Market Heifer Show (if doing so double entry fee must be paid)
  13.  If you are showing registered cattle you must specify the registered breed on the entry form

Note:  All entry fees are non-refundable

Health Regulations

All animals must have a State Department of Agriculture Ear Tag

All animals for exhibition must be accompanied by a health certificate (dated within 60 days of the show) with positive individual identification signed by an accredited veterinarian that states that the animals is free of all communicable diseases, and is BVD NEGATIVE.

All animals MUST be BVD tested before arriving to the show. All animals must have appropriate testing/paperwork in order to cross into New York State.  Please call your local veterinarian with any questions

Any questions call the Erie County Agricultural Society Office at (716) 649-3900 ext. 6480.



 To print the full show program, click here